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Give Thanks

Find Meaning

Stay Focussed

Conquer Doubt

Connect to God

Seek Forgiveness

Seek Inner Peace

Seek Divine Guidance

Get a Divine Healing

Ask for Comfort

Remember Others Needs

Connect to Others

Help & Understand Others

Control Harmful Emotions

Tide Over Health Concerns

Remove Unwarranted Fears

Break Free from Addictions

Improve Family Relationships

Get Over Depression and Stress

Recover From Loss of a Loved One

Be Empowered when Confused and Helpless

Face Life Challenges with Courage and Calm

Press Esc to close

Prayer Benefits

Prayer gives focus

Prayer gives peace

Prayer gives wisdom

Prayer gives boldness

Prayer builds spirituality

Prayer keeps us from temptation

Prayer gives good health

Prayer Barriers
Refuse these Prayer Barriers

Does God care?

God is cruel

Does God love me?

Did God abandon me?

Nothing good ever happens to me

I am so angry

Prayer Basics
prayer basics

Pray with Assurance

Pray with Belief

Pray with Confidence

Pray with Devotion